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Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Haynes Manual

I've searched the site for posts that have had this issue, some have reported the square wiring connector at the back of the engine to body harness connector was the issue. it has a 10mm bolt holding it together.

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I'm going to take some hoses off and really dig into the engine. I'm going to check the wiring especially because that is the only thing left that could be causing this problem. Maybe something melted on the engine block, who knows. I'll let you know what I find.

There are several of those wiring blocks under the hood. I will see if they are grounded correctly or have broken wires. That will be difficult because there are a lot of wires going into each one of those blocks.

Thanks everyone for your input and help,

DID you check the cam sensor/Synchronizer?

Does your 96 have one?
It is behind the upper intake on a OHV 4.0

I did replaced the Camshaft position sensor. I have not checked the wires for that yet. I need to find out what readings I should get with it.
The camshaft position sensor is in a horrible place. It's between the firewall and the engine. I had to take the air intake manifold off to get to it. I'm hoping that testing it won't be too big of a hassle.

It is not easy to access no
Removing the upper plenum is not terrible after you have done it a few times
You can also remove the two nuts holding your transmission mount down and jack up the back of the trans until it touches the floor this gives room to work back there

Replacing the sensor is ok but the synchronizer itself can sometimes be the issue, usually you would have a cam sensor code however

I'm having a no spark problem that came on suddenly after changing my spark plugs and wires. As soon as I finished changing the plugs and wires, it started up and sounded perfect. As soon as the engine got warm, (5 minutes of running) it died like someone turned off the key. No sputter or anything. It would crank but no spark after that. The weird thing is, after 24 hours of sitting with the negative battery terminal unhooked, I hooked up the battery and it started back up and sounded perfect again. 5 minutes later it died. Once again, I unhooked the battery, waited overnight and it started again and died again. Now it won't start at all.

I've replaced the coil pack, the camshaft position sensor, the ignition switch, and the crankshaft position sensor. I've tested every fuse and tested every other sensor I can think of that could cause the computer to not tell the coil to fire.

The only thing I can think of is that one of the new spark plug wires somehow fried the computer.
Tomorrow, I'm going to the junk yard and getting a PCM and trying that. I'll let you know if that works.
You mentioned you replaced the Camshaft sensor are you sure its lined up correctly?