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Moab 2001... take 2


I said Thursday and Sunday, but meant Thursday and Saturday night. We're doing the Rim Friday and Saturday, right.

I'll go ahead and make the reservation.

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We all send out our best wishes to you Derrick. Hope everything comes out OK. Good luck.

Can we go ahead and bump that time up an hour. I'd like to meet you at about 6am and get on the road by 7. That way I'd miss the traffic in Vegas. Also if you don't think we'll get into moab by 4pm(their time) Let me know now. I'll need to call them and have them mail me the final permits. Since it also doesn't look like I'll have somebody around me sleeping out on Thursday, I'll go ahead and stay in the hotel as well. No way I'm staying on the side of the road by myself. :p If you don't mind grab two rooms. I'll pay you back when you hit Vegas. If you don't wana I'll give them a call no problem.

I may hang around on Monday, depends on what days I get off the next week. I won't be able to drive the trails you're talking about, but I'd be good for the thumb. I'll also PM you my cell phone #. Give me a call when you hit Moab.

Yep Peter I meant Saturday nite too; I knew what you were talking about. Too much work while I'm surfing and I don't multitask very well :rolleyes:

Lee I'd be glad for you to copilot with me for one of the other trails but what I am really looking for is another vehicle or two since I do not want to try those trails alone. See you guys soon.

Ok, Derrick's out due to his accident (bummer) and Joe can't make.

How about a show of hands of who's in and who's out.

Lee, I just send an e-mail to the hotel to see if they have a larger suite 3 people could share. Are you also planning for Thursday and Saturday night?

Do I have to answer this question. :) HEHEHE

I am planning on a hotel room on Thursday and Saturday night. If you two don't mind, I'll even take a spot on the floor.

Clint, you in or out?

Sorry to hear about the accident Derrick. I hope that you have a good and speedy recovery. I know how you feel I have been there before and it sucks. You may think it won't get better but It will get better. Now be nice to the nurses while you are there or they will have special treatments for you and you don't want those trust me. :- )

Man I really am pissed that I can't go. I hope that you all will have some fun for me.


One month from today. :D Keeping an eye on the weather, looks like it's great wheeling weather. Maybe cold nights, but o well.


What's one month from today? If your planning on going to Moab, you'll be doing a lot of wheeling by yourself because the rest of us will have come and gone.

LOL... man am I an idiot!

Crud... work has got to me again. We always call 3 weeks a month. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

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It looks like maybe a few rain drops in the area next week, but all that should do is pack down the dirt for us! Looks like it's all good to go. :D

Gerald, Lee

I just got an e-mail from somebody (photographer, not explorer 4x4 member) who might be interested in joining us. Would that represent a problem for you?

Not sure if Gerald is still here?? The passes are good for 4 people, so there's not a problem. I'm also sure we can save him some money, I'd LOVE to take a twin room and split the cost! Ask him is he's up for splitting a room.

ps... is this the guy that you sent me his site? If so, is he bringing any... um..... well you know. :D

No Lee, it's not that guy. He lives in Moab. But I need to take some time either Thursday or Sunday to get together with him. Planning a shoot with him in the spring.

I'll let the other guy know he's welcome and a shared motel room is available too.

Where are we meeting Wednesday before or during SEMA?

Gerald send me a PM telling me he'll be online till Monday morning.

Just got an answer back from Al. We're one day to early for him.

So, I guess it's just the three of us.