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Moab 2008 Pics and Videos

wow. got back yesterday at 11:00 pm from our 13 hour drive. this was the most scariest trip i've ever been on! being that high on narrow rocks, feeling tippy and not being able to see where your going was making me shake a bit. :eek:

best trip i've ever been on. it was worth the drive and hey i didn't even break anything. all the people were great as usual,m i've never been on an explorerforum run and not meet some great people.

ended up leaving for moab wednesday night at 1am, made it to moab at about 3pm thursday and the rest of the day we just set up camp, walked around the city, and kicked back. the next day (friday) we (me, justin, and jim) woke up and noticed that no one was around the camp. got a text from danny saying he was gonna be a bit late and i forgoat we had to meet at the city market! oh well we all made it there and proceeded to the trail. about a 15 mile drive from town was the start of the trail. somehow the group got split inot two groups, all the people really eeger to get going and the people that worked a few things out at the market. the first part of te trail was pretty much a dirt road with some hills and turns, so me and danny decided to try and catch up with the other part of the group that was ahead of us. we didn't catch up with them but it was a fun prerun. but we thought we were lost and turned around and found the our group. we met up the rest of them at rose garden hill. all the other 2door cars had just went up and mrboyl was starting when we got there. turned out to be a long time we stayed at that hill trying to get everyone up the ledge in the middle. mike was the only on that needed winched, and the flyboy and the sport-trac said nay nay to the hill and took a different way to top of the world trail. after that it was a pretty simple trail to get to the top of the wolrd trail. at this point the cars in the group were: 2 sports, 2 navajos, 2 jeeps, 3 four doors, an early bronco, and a dodge power ram (there was two 4doors and a sport-trac that weren't with us) then kevin and mike headed back to town to fix the tracbar.

the rest of us continued to the top of the world, a few fun ledges on the way and little stuff like that. the scenery up at the top was amazing. there is a huge crack over on the left that goes all the way down, so it was neet to look down that. made some sandwiches and talked a bit and then we all took turns getting the famous picture. headed down the hill and got the open dirt road where we decided to go ahead of everyone and put the peddle to the floor and haul some aaaaaaaaa. found a fun little jump too.

threw the day, the rear stated to sag some more on the navajo :( so we did a lot of scrapping the bumper, and the shocks the whole trip.

got back to camp and about 2 minutes later kevein and show saw "hey you wanna have some fun?" "potato salid hill, right now, lets go" that hill is much much much steeper and harder than it looked in videos. early bronco went up it, then kevein, then painter ken. then the bronco again, but this time going straight up the center, which was a lot more difficult than the line everyone else took to the right. i was next in line to go up after the bronco, but as we all know, the bronco flipped and we were there till 10 at night geting him on the trailer.

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the next day was we all met at the city market. two groups formed from there, one doing 7 mile and one doing hell's revenge. our group, hell's revenge group, went to the trail head and met up with danny there and paul tried to work on his transfer case linkage. the start of the trail reall sets the feelin gfor the whole thing with baby lions back. this trail was what i was looking for, the slick rock, the up and down hills, ledge climbs. very scary trail, but a lot of fun! we stopped at the big side parts, hell's gate, esculator, hot tubs, and tip over challenge. a few of us went up hell's gate, kevin and paul needed a winch to pull their front tire back down to the ground and painter ken laid hi car on the side, i think twice. went to the hot tubs, a few of us went through the easiest one, i think its car wash. kevin and danny's jeep friend went through mickeys. dannyboy's jeep friend was the only one to make it up esculator without a winch. kevin, painter ken, and a jeep from a different group all went up but got stuck in the same situation as "offroad_69_me"s avatar picture. im a little dissapointer i didn't try it, but after seeing three guys get winched out, i figured i won't risk slipping in the whole and breaking my window. also don't know if i could make it without a front locker. painter ken was the only explorer to do trip over challenge, but after watching him, we said off camber is not for us and moved on. after the trail, i had to do something more since i only did hell's gate, so we went back to potato salid hill and me and danny's friend went up it.

dinner worked out good. it wan nice to have the group together at the branding iron. campfire was the usual, kevin and show talking about crazy things. thats about it for our trip. we packed up and headed out about 9:30 sunday morning and i think there was a run for whoever was staying longer.

I had an awesome time this year in MOAB. Thanks to all that made it possible. Got my photos here:

And these are just some of my favorites...







Mike and Jeff... awesome photos as always!! I'm glad all of you had a good trip, I'm still bummed about not making it but I'll be back in Moab next year with a few of the others that missed it this year.

By the way Jeff, Congrats on graduating!!! If you want to meet up we'll have to do that if you can before you go to a real assignment! Lt. :p:


Got home about 4 hours ago. I would have been home sooner, but Painter Ken had a trailer tire issue that caused an over night stay in Boise, about 250 miles short of our intended stop for the night.

First plug blew out, which we only used cause the spare that his dad gave him was about three sizes too small, and on a 14 inch rim instead of a 15 like the rest. The spare lasted about 20 miles. The first plug about the same. The second try on the plugs, we used two, lasted about 30 miles. The last attempt we used three plugs, but found a huge bubble in the sidewall after reinflating, and for safety we opted for a longer drive today :D

What a great weekend of wheeling though. Sunday was awesome. We started out with quite a large group running Fins & Things led by mrboyle. After half the trail that led right to Dannyboy's camp, the early depatures left, and we continued with another section of Fins & Things and finished that at about noon. A quick trip to the t-shirt shop and Painter Ken, Paul, and myself headed off for Poison Spider to check out the hidden arch. Well worth the trip since we hit some really good ledges and the famous waterfall. Paul ran around and stood on the top of the arch (I'll post pics tomorrow), while Ken and I convinced each other that it was too windy to walk all the way around (we were being tired and lazy). Got back to camp around 6 or so.

I got home Monday morning at 4:30 A.M. drove straight through the night. Transmission started spitting fluid about Kansas, but it made it home fine, and with the entire bottom of the truck coated. Looks like my T-Case came loose from the tranny. Luckily it was a quick fix. Had a great time with everyone and it was nice to meet some new people. I am still a little bummed I passed on trying the rose garden hill, my co-pilots told me not to even try it, and I was too lazy to walk up the hill and look for my self.

I try and get my pics posted soon.


Moab 2008!

It was great meeting a lot of you for the first time and reacquainting myself with a few I haven't seen for a few years. . .

I haven't been to Moab since 2000, and was glad to see that it was as great as I remembered it. Got a chance to run some new trails as well as some old favorites.

Thanks Kevin for following me back just in case the rear diff "pooped the bed".

'91 Sport

"There's a whole lot of courage sitting on the canyon walls at Hell's Gate"

Here's the link to mine and Painter Ken's pics. My videos are also in there, but I'll have to convert all of Ken's videos to make them work.

The pics and videos are still uploading so please be patient.

A Few Pics

Some of my shots. . .

'91 Sport


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The first post has been updated with links to everyone's pics.

Great pics:D Sure makes us wish we were there:banghead:

That's cool. :thumbsup:

Looks like a great time - the roll over. It held up very good. That roll was wicked.

What a great trip. :thumbsup:Moab was everything I remembered. Weather was beautiful, hot but not too hot during the day, cold but not too cold at night.

The group was smaller this year with some newbees, which is great to meet the next generation. It was also great to see people from the first Moab in 2000. :eek:

I can never keep track of the trails we did. If someone remembers please post them so I can mark them in my book. First day we split up in 2 groups. I was in the group with Josh, Chad, Paul, and Jeff. Most exciting part of the day was Rose Hill. Diff Whack entertained us doing a u turn at the top of the hill and finishing in reverse. :confused:

Second day was more or less the same group with Mike taking us on 3 D trail which is not in the book and hard to follow. Best part was desperation hill or something like that. Going down had you standing vertical and going up was like launching. :p:

3rd day we took it easy playing on a hill no one had been able to go up. On my first try I almost did it.:mad: After that 5 more tries and couldn’t make it either. Maybe next year.

The Navajo handled extremely well without all the weight it shed by going convertible. I’m thinking of changing the front bumper out to shed some more wt. Also the doors. I want to take it down to as light as possible.

I’m already planning next year. :D

So when is next year. Kyle (driver during roll over) wants another run at the left side of potato salad. We should have it back together in the next month.

Who's this? Fakrwee? Nice convertible! Love the pics guys, wish I could have been there..!


Who's this? Fakrwee? Nice convertible! Love the pics guys, wish I could have been there..!


Yup, that's mine. It actually handles better without the top wt. Thanks.

I'm already begun saving gas money for next year. :rolleyes: Almost a grand just for the Motorhome. Ouch. Good thing I split it with my cousin.

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I'm already begun saving gas money for next year. :rolleyes: Almost a grand just for the Motorhome. Ouch. Good thing I split it with my cousin.

Same here on the diesel issue. Spent about $1100 just to get there and back home. If it stays like this, there may be a lot more local offroad trips and less long trips. Damn :fire: I might have to find doors again.