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Moab 2014 May 16-18

If you plan on attending pick the best date for Moab 2014

  • May 16-18

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • May 30 - 1

    Votes: 4 40.0%

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Looks like your slider did it's job :D What happened to your fog light though? Looks like you popped it right out without hurting the valence.

I used to do that and finally figured out what was happening after paying for a few fog lights. He bottomed on a rock that hit the lower part of the valence or front bumper which is made of pliable plastic. It bent and folded, breaking the hard plastic of the fog light and its hard plastic/non-pliable mount - grenading the entire fog light assembly into itty-bitty pieces unnoticed somewhere way back on the trail, leaving no evidence that it ever was in the bumper (which immediately flexes back to its original shape).

After I figured that out, that's why I always removed my fog lights before going on a trailrun... if you look closely at photos of Herc on the trail you'll see my fog lights were removed for the run. :)

I ended up wheeling with some other Canucks. I was in Moab since May 10 and rode my mountain bike, hiked or wheeled all week. The weather was awesome after Sundays rain. I always leave Moab exhausted! It was great to get home and rest from the holiday. I'll be there again next year, whether or not the Explorer group can make it.