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Moab 2014 May 16-18

If you plan on attending pick the best date for Moab 2014

  • May 16-18

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • May 30 - 1

    Votes: 4 40.0%

  • Total voters

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That pic of your campsite looks downright frosty!!

Have a great time!!

Just got back from the eye surgery. Pressure was 29 before spiked to 40 right after and went down to 23 after an hour. Have to go back tomorrow morning.

Eye aches like I got smacked.


Just wanted to let you guys know that they took a Bulldozer down Bobby's Hole finally and re-opened access between Beef Basin and Elephant Hill. The first ledge starting up the elephant hill trail got bulldozed last summer so the Honey truck could make it in after the Bobby's Hole access got wiped out.


Thanks for the heads-up

Did you make it to Moab Greg??

Greg made it to Moab around 9 last night. We ran Top of the World today. No firm plans for tomorrow's run.

Have a great time Allen. I hope you guys are taking pics for us who couldn't join you this year.

Pictures never do justice to this stuff, ya just gotta be there.. .. .



Shiny new sliders earned their keep. ..


Poked an eye out.









Air'n up with the rest of the Alberta group. Count 'em 1:can:, 2:can:, 3:can:


No pics of the nasty stuff; hands were busy.

Thank you to Allen for your gracious hospitality! :salute:

Good times in the 4x4 arena!

Looks like your slider did it's job :D What happened to your fog light though? Looks like you popped it right out without hurting the valence.

Is anyone else from the group in town with you guys?

Nope, In fact, I had to return to Phoenix on Friday, so it's just Allen all by himself.

I'm really sorry guys :(

Cell-cam dash thingy video:

Cell phone overheated and that was the end of video shooting for the day.

To bad too, the trip down had all the nasty chassis drag'n stuff.

Best part is at the end of the vid. I call it "triple diff wack"


10,000 UTV's!

The town was over-run by a UTV convention. No hotel rooms left, Every inch of camping full, UTV trailers littering every other square inch. Gas stations were running out of fuel. Traffic and crowded.

Shortly after we got to the top of the world about 40 UTV's plugged up the whole scene.

If not for the pay-off of top of the world the trip was less than spectacular.

Definitely not my scene. Not the place to go to get away from the crowds.

But the Ex performed well.

Broke the bank, but not the truck, all's well.. .. . .

Glad your truck made it through with no problems:chug: When we first started going to Moab I drove the Explorer up with no trailer. It was after breaking the truck in California at Truck Haven that I finally decided to spring for a trailer.

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Only Allen and Greg made it out. They had a successful go at Top of the World. Not sure what Allen did after Greg left since he was just there for one day.