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My 97 Exploder Pre-runneresk Project...

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Rear gear

Looking forward to what your doing with the suspension as I am in the planning stage for a complete suspension upgrade for my buildup, a, B2 which is intended for desert running. It will be my third TTB suspension& 7.5" to 8.8" to ?? in the last 2 years under this truck...especially interested in the setup your planning for the rear, but your concept for the front end is also very interesting. Very nice work by the way.

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I took these the other day. Proof that the truck is not just for show. Shes all dressed for the dance.. lol




Johann @ Girodisc


pre-runner edition"

thats freakin awesome man

Keep the good work up OP. :thumbsup:

Very good to see the machine ready!
Please show the attachment points of the support of lights on the ceiling.

Yep, good job. The more I look at it, the more I dig the fenders.

I have a stainless steel food grade table I make my jigs off of and then cut them off so no pics but I used mounting points on the arms to make my cut marks so they would be the same on both arms. Next is to tack them down and flat and then add the extension. One it had a good weld on it I cut them off the table and started to box them in and guset them. It took a bit of planing but once the two pieces were extended and they checked out it was just a matter of fabing one side and just cutting an extra piece for the other. The 2nd arm took a 3rd of the time since the fab work was already done and the pieces were cut out.

Johann @ girodisc

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