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My uber awesome 99 Sport

1999 Explorer Sport

After seeing so many people post pictures of their explorers I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do the same.

My X is pretty much stock right now except for the warrior shackles. I did a torsion twist up front to even out the front and the rear, I also ordered 3" Fabtech spindles and 2" add a leafs for the rear. Tomorrow I'm going downtown to pick up a four door leaf pack for my X. I already decided on tires as well either BFG A/T or M/T just have to figure out what size. Still trying to figure out which shocks to buy.

Before I post I want to thank everyone for all the advice they have given me thus far, carlover, swak6287, mounty71, costman13, mynameisaric, -NODNARB-, white96x, and AiwaExplorer, I'm sure I forgot a few people but without all the help and advice I would still be clueless as to what to do with my X. So I just wanted to give a big thanks to you all!

Anyways here are the pictures in no specific order, also I threw in a picture of my buddys ranger getting stuck for laughs. I'm the one digging his lazy butt out. Hope you enjoy.


3" Fabtech Spindle Lift
Leaf pack from a 4 door explorer
2" Add-A-Leaf
Rancho 5000's
BFG A/T 32x15x10.50


Stock, about a month after I bought it from my uncle, no shackles, no torsion twist, just in the driveway chillin.


Just goofing off in the desert racing a friend, picture is from my friends cab.


At the lake, can't really see it though, this is where my friends ranger got stuck =)


After racing through the desert in the picture before last.


Before the torsion twist, had the shackles though.


After the torsion twist.


Just another angle.


New sticker from, and it works, most of the time. ;)


The shackles.





The deck.

And last but not least...

My friends ranger, stuck at the lake. Had a lifted durango pull him out.



Better view. Actually an action shot you can see behind the cab above the bed of the truck the mud flying threw the air from the durango.

I have 32x10.50x15 rims and haven't had a problem with any rubbing, haven't had to do any trimming either, once these tires go I'm going to up it to 33's i might have to trim then but I won't mind. I'm already planning on taking off the front bumper and making a tube one like dixon bros have. im pretty sure I'll have to trim in the rear but until that time comes im not to worried about it, it's nothing to crazy. You'll be fine, quite a few people on this site run spindles.

Here's the correct link. that was my mistake, good eye ;)

thats awesome.. just changed my plans slightly...
3" bl
SOA (3-4" or so.. right?)
3" spindles
TT to even it out