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mysterious transmission leak


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November 15, 2001
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Orlando, FL
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04 XLT 4x4
My dads 02 4.6 4x4

One day when he got home there was a large amount of trans fluid on the driveway. No issues noticed while driving.

Mechanic said the pan was leaking, so they ordered a new pan and seal.

Today again, there's trans fluid on the driveway. I moved it into the garage and left it running for about 10 mins while I removed the snow plow (hopefully for the last time this year) then moved it out.

There was a puddle about 8" around of trans fluid and drips as i drove it out of the garage.

Its dripping right at the passenger side firewall area. its too damn cold to get under it today. I looked up top for the lines to see what side they are on but I dont see them?

Where are they? Drivers side or passenger side?
I saw AC lines but maybe transmission lines look like that too?

Passenger side, servos are too.

A leak way up by the firewall is more likely coming from the front end of the trans., don't you think? Input shaft seal? imp

It is cold in Orlando in April?