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Need a good reason NOT to use my bodylift

Winter driving with lockers really depends on the conditions, and also what tires you have on there. Lunchbox lockers with your standard mud tires that are like running slicks on wet pavement will make for some white knuckle driving on slick icy roads or even the wet slushy stuff. Siped muds or All-Terrains makes it a little easier. Lockers with 35's lets you be on the road when it's 3 feet deep and the only things out there are snowplows and other 4x4's. No chains needed.

Personally I prefer open diffs and having tire chains on hand for winter road conditions. You can do just fine in a locked and lifted rig if you know the limitations, take it easy, and slow down when you can tell the lockers and muds are giving you traction problems rather than helping you out. It's not like an off-road ride should be spectacular on icy, slushy roads, anyway.

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I've got 6" susp. and 3" body and if I could take the body lift off I would. I started with 2" susp, added 3" body and liked it. Then I swapped out the 2" to 6" and its just too tall. My sliders and bumpers are built and welded to work with the body I can't easily get rid of it.

That's a good point, My 2 inch body lift became essential when I went for solid axles, I really needed that extra room and it also helped with my sliders and hitch mounts for my winch system.


Boy if NSOR is the best deal between our two provinces I would have to exhibit some surprise. It`s funny now but years ago there was a statement made in an online advertisement that a BC4x4 discount could be had if you mention that website at the store. So I did an investigation. I phoned and asked for a price on a part. then I later I visited the store and said I heard about them on BC4x4 and was told there was a discount to be had, to which they readily agreed. I then requested the exact same part and it amazingly cost the same. When I exposed it on the website I was derided for being dishonest and playing games with the great guys at NSOR when they probably offered the discount on the first price check for some other reason. My defence was, hey, I`ll pay whatever, just don't bullshit me whilst I do it, you either have a name dropper discount or you don't; what the hell do I care what you call it? I was so jaded I never stepped foot in their store again. Didn't help that I always seemed to find better prices even if I had to ship from the excited states. Oh, the money I`ve blown. If they only knew the effect of it. I`m funny like that though, veeerrry sensitive to BS.
I wonder if they still offer the discount?

Ya, NSOR came up close to $600 cheaper on my gear sets and rebuild kits. Everything else I could have got from the states but it would have cost pretty much the same. So far they have been very straight up with me. Let's hope it continues...I don't deal well with BS either. Hence the reason The Gear Center will never get my business again...

In all likelyhood they are a great outlet but hey.
Lordco is terrible for trying to get lockers and gear sets through as well. I saved 400 below their "best" price on each of my gear sets and lockers, and I ordered from the states. I also have a legitimate Lordco discount that they have never bs'd me with and sometimes have beaten for me. Makes you wonder wth goes on, they pull prices out of their ***** or what?

Good to know. Are you willing to drive 70 MPH + in 4x4? I never have been but if it won't hurt anything then perhaps I'll pursue a locker. A lunchbox may be the only thing I can afford at this point. Hows the tire wear with a detroit or lunchbox?

I go 70mph in 4 high with a rear locker every winter. I do not use cruise control though. If it's really bad I'll be going 45ish and passing prius' like they are standing still...I've had the ex for 5 years now (locker for 2 winters) and never gone in the ditch. knock on wood...

Well, I think that you've all convinced me once again. I'll just keep it in 4Hi when then roads are crap (which is about from November to April in Alberta)... Not that I can afford the locker right now anyway... I pass the prius peoples (and a few Heeps) in my beat up old Cavalier when it really sux. Just keep it straight, and go easy on the wheel. Can't freakin stand all the Cityits... just a county boy lookin to get to work so get on it or you should have stayed at home!

Sell the BL and buy a freakin' rocker panel or 2.

Sell the BL and buy a freakin' rocker panel or 2.
Thanks for the all to intelligent and helpful reply to my questions. You are apparently one of the more useless human beings to frequent this forum, the kind that makes others not want to. Thanks again for wasting space.

Thanks!! And thanks for posting a thread asking people for their opinions, and then getting snarkey when they give you one.

Nevermind... I'm over it. Just annoyed at the not so helpful and mostly unrelated responses.

If its any consolation the only person who was trying not to be helpful was me. These guys really know their stuff, and all to often see people only concerned with lift height, when all a lift is really good for is clearing a large tire. I think all they were saying was for wheeling sake you have the height, your downfall will be articulation, and traction.

Yup. Pretty much have decided to cut out what I have to, make the flares work and hopefully flex the 35's all the way out without rubbing. Fortunately, the TTB doesn't allow for much flex either way. Got enough cash for the manual hubs, flares, and maybe some sliders and a bumper. She's gonna have to be unlocked for a while longer till the money boils up for something to hold the back end together. I still would like something with a switch but I guess time will tell. BTW, I sold the body lift so there is no chance of that now. Still gonna beef up the rear spring pack to compensate for all the gear and the spare and roof rack weight. It's almost level now, adding a few hundred extra pounds will sag it out to the point it looks stupid. I hate sagged trucks...