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Need help please!


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September 30, 2012
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2000 Ford Explorer Sport
I put a double din tv in my 2000 ford explorer. I hooked up a toggle switch to trick the dvd player to think it was the e brake, I have done this many times before with no problems. The radio was working and when I hit the toggle switch it went dead. Now the factory stereo won't even work. The fuse is not blown, what else could it be?

What did you hook the other end of the switch to it needs to be grounded.

Checked all fuses and they are good. The toggle switch had 3 prongs, I hooked a wire from the power wire from the stereo to it, a wire from the ground wire of the stereo and hooked the wire to it from the stereo that is supposed to go to the e brake. I'm baffled because the factory stereo won't even work in it now.