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Need some body lift help


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November 26, 2006
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Decatur, Illinois
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00 Sport
Ok now I know that the PA 883 is the 3" body lift for a 98-01 and the PA 853 is the 3" body lift for a 95-97. But what I'm wanting is a body lift for a 2000 Ex Sport. But I only want a 2" body lift. Reason being b/c my understand is that you don't have to worry about the steering if you do only a 2". plus I don't want a huge gap between the body and frame.

In short what is the 2" body lift for a 2000 Sport?

And does anyone have any threads for a Sport BL?


can anybody help me on this one I've done some searching and so far no luck

wow...i can't find the 2" either. i could have sworn i've seen one from performance accessories but maybe not.

the 2" kit that people use for a second gen, is listed under there website as a 91-94 BL and it will work for a 2 gen (your sport)but you will have to make custom brackets for the bumpers cause those won't work I believe..