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New front bumper

first of all.....nice drawing..... :D
thanks, that helps, i probably wont do much wheelin i just want it strong enough that if i ever do tap something with it, it wont fall apart. also i dont think i will do a winch, too much money and i will never use it. i think i will do it in 1/8" all around with the mounting/d-ring plate in 1/2", like i said i will probably never use it.

and one more thing, alakanjack i was looking at your pics and you have almost this same exact bumper.

on another note, how hard would it be to make your own shackles?

Not very hard....


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I agree. as my photo shows, I have no damage on the outers or the edges, all my rock hits are on the middle section. My tires are large enough to get ahold of a rock before they do any damage to the edges by design. That's one thing Fawkree noted about my bumpers when telling me about his, that he tried to get a high profile about the edges to get the tires on rocks first, but as you can see by the photos that hasn't been an issue yet and I don't think it will.

I'm no street rig either, I'll take a wall on head on and let the bumper do the work, I DO have a body lift, therfore, my bumper was built to be at the lowest point of the frame for approach angle. Another good point to consider. (my bumper would not work on an explorer without my body lift)