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New System w/ cool custom stuff. *PICS- 56k = death*

Well ive owned both alpine and Eclipse decks. The Eclipse deck was in a system in a BMW i had a number of years back. Then I had a sony.. now the Alpine.. Maybe going from the sony to the alpine makes the alpine appear to sound better than it really is. But i think it sounds just as good as my eclipse which sounded wonderfull.

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alpine >>>>>sony!:cool:

first of all, that is one nice setup. One of the best ive seen. I expecially like the light effects. #2: how DID you do the lightin effects? #3: sony (helps) but sucks for sound, alpine is good, and eclipse is the best.

Are the amps cooled in any manner? I would think that, with the rear seat up, those things could get a little toasty.

BTW: It is one helluva nice install!!!:D

y3kbuddy 1) thanks :) 2) Its just 3 neons.. 2 for the Subs, one on each side of the box inset into the faceplate covering the subs.. and for the amprack- its just one on the bottom of the amprack, behind its faceplate.

Robb - No overheating problems yet.. and ive run it both ways with the stereo up very loud. According to my installer... who runs 4 12"s and 4 amps... with the amps located under the seat in an amprack - which has less airspace than these with the seat up and his amps have never gone into thermal protection.
So im not too worried.. The seats have a slope to them and thus there is a decent amount of air behing there.. But if i have to i can throw some fans into the mix.

Nice install! Question tho... You dropped 4g's on that setup and went with rockford fosgate and alpine subs... Why? Not that they aren't good or anything.. Just wondering why you picked them over others.

i like ur set up most deff., it looks great man keep up the good work...laterz


Wow that looks super duper nice!!!

Beautiful system!!!

Because i buy locally from a shop that i like to support.
And the RF amps are quite nice. The Alpine 1000 watt amp is fuggin huge and i didnt want 3 foot long amplifier in my car.
I also like my alpine subs. The Type R's hit very clean and tight in the enclosure that i have. If im totally satisfied with these at $180 why should I buy a more expensive sub?

But what it boils down to is that i like to keep money in the community and support the local businesses. If i can get what i want here in town locally, even it costs a few bucks more i will. By purchasing my stereo locally, if there is ever a problem with ANYTHING it will get replaced immediatly- no phone calls and lowsy customer service when trying to get things warenteed.
No local shops are going to carry things like Elemental Designs, Resonant Engineering and stuff like that.

And on the final note, Im 100% satisfied with the quality and sound of my system, and if Alpine and RF Amps and Subs give that to me, then thats what ill have.

Looks good man....But I have a ? 2 12 inch Type R's are only 300 RMS each with a total of 600 togeather. Are you running the 1001 bd at 4 ohms because at 2 ohms that amp would kill thouse subs.
The 1000 watt alpine amp is quite the nice amp I just bought one my self a few weeks ago.

its running at 2ohms w/ 550 watts going to each sub.
They are in a tight sealed enclosure, and the extra power isnt hurting anything. The subs do not distort and the gains are set low.
What i do have is 2 12" subs that play super clean and get nice and load with zero distortion :)

Nice setup!!

Why did you not get the diamond audio tdx 12 instead of the alpine TR's. I own one, but now I am playing with my x... It is a very nice sub, though expensive.

I was considering focals for my new setup in my X but the price went up, so I will get diamonds again. My setup in my stolen teg was alpine 7998, jl300/4, hex s500, 12" tdx, arc 1500dr. I loved my hexes.

It is too bad the hex's don't come with a swivel mount. I would like to try that mounting location, but I would like to fire the tweet towards the far side.

Vteg: When i was building my system the TDX's were on backorder thru DA till mid/end of october. And im impatient.. and wanted my system "NOW" sorta thing.. lol
My hexes's came with a swivel mount.. The mount they are in is fully adjustable, they rotate every angle in the mounting ring.
Maybe its a new feature on the newer Hexes? or perhaps something only included with the Silk Dome tweets?
i dunno..

Maybe my hexes were from an old batch. The way car audio goes, I would not be surprised :rolleyes:

I had the silk tweets also.

I like it!

Looks very clean. I like the x-overs in the kick panels, and the vinyl accents are sweet.

THat's tite!

Hey man that's tite! HOw much did you spend on that and how long did it take?

Re: THat's tite!

Originally posted by PhaseOne21
Hey man that's tite! HOw much did you spend on that and how long did it take?

Alot of money. close to 4g's out the door.
It was in the shop for about 2.5 weeks.
So alot of money and alot of time

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Very nice, but I have one question: how is the imaging with the tweets up on the dash and the mids in the doors? I'm sure it's an improvment over coaxes in the doors, but how does it compare to the whole package in the kicks? Oh, and what size are the mids and how are they mounted?