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September 26, 2007
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'98 Limited Explorer
Hi I purchased a '98 limited explorer back in August and have been reading here for a while and just bought some tires for it. I'm looking to add exhaust (flowmasters), a body lift (maybe 3 inch?), and add-a-leafs or shackles but I'm sorta leaning towards the add-a leafs. I'm very open to suggestions you guys have for me. Thanks


Sorry about the pic quality I took it with my cell phone. When I get some time I'll take better pics.

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Thats some muddy pearl paint :) Welcome :) I try to keep my Pearl truck very clean, its cool seeing a muddy PearlWhite...

Haha thanks. Theres more mud on the windows but it's just tiny drops and you can't see it in the pic. And the mud was gone the next day i like to keep it clean too but i think i looks good with mud as well.

Hi and welcome to the site. If you want to stiffen up the ride, then use AAL, but if you like how it rides now, then go with the Warrior shackles instead. :)

I think I'm gona go with the AAL's because of towing. How much do they normally cost and how hard are they to put it? Also where can I buy them? The sites I looked on either didn't have them at all or didn't have them for my truck. Thanks.