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non removable door hinges


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February 12, 2008
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las cruces new mexico
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91 4x4
my door hinge pins are non removable. I found out I must cut a hole under the dash to remove the last hinge bolt. Anyone have a good source for door hinges? The stealership wants 45 bucks a piece.

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I read that one

So your sure that I can just replace the pin and bushings. That style hinge usally needs to be fully replaced. Maybe I could go to the junk yard a practice.

I'm assuming you have a 1991-1994 explorer since your posting in that forum (stock 91-94) and that "useful thread" is a step by step on how to do it..

I can't see any reason why you couldn't do what he did.


When I got my 93 Ex, the sagging driver's door was the first project I attempted to deal with. By following DeRocha's write-up, I had the upper and lower hinge pins and bushings replaced in about 2 hours and that was without the use of an air hammer or any power tools other than my trust Dremel tool with a fiberglass cut-off wheel.

Yes its definitely possible to do it without removing the hinges. I chose to take the door off by removing the bolts holding the door to the hinge... which required unplugging the wiring harness, which requires unbolting the e-brake so you can get to the plug (damn, you would think another 1in of wire would put them out of business...)

Once the door was out of the way, I cut the old pins in half and popped out the pieces. Then I took the door side part of the hinge, and use a vise to push in the new bushings, reassembled the hinges, and reversed the disassembly. Putting that e-brake back in was a $#$#%.

Mine was so bad, the pin had worn through the bushing and has started wearing into the metal of the hinge.

However, I didn't think it was possible to do it with the door on (and thats why I took it off), but after seeing DeRocha's thread, I think it would be much easier to do it his way.