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OBD2 Port not connecting to coad reader or inspection station


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January 6, 2013
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Worcester MA
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2002 Ford Explorer
I recently took my girlfriend's explorer in for an inspection sticker and they told me that it failed the emissions test. There were no CEL lights on, so I brought it back to my shop and used my code reader to check. Turns out that the reader could not connect to the computer to pull any codes. I am willing to bed that it failed because the inspection station's computer probably couldn't connect either. My code reader can still access abs and airbag codes but the OBD II portion wont connect. I have checked fuses, including fuse 24 for the port, which was good and have also checked pin 16 on the port and the ground which also work. I am stumped as to what could be causing the connection problem. Everything runs great with no issues otherwise so I have been doubting that its the PCM. Anybody got any ideas or know anything else that I should check?


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did you find what it is, have the same issue

Do you guys have remote starters installed?

Not sure what fuse it is but did you check the for the 12volt power port? It shares the power from there.

Could be. I have a remote start on mine and my ex had a remote start on her Taurus. On one of them, the OBDII port would not connect and send any data to a scanner. Don't remember which.

Thanks I'll look at it thru their.