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OEM GPS/Nav Questions?


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January 27, 2009
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2010 Limited V8 4X4
Hello :)

I'm planning to install the Pioneer OEM Nav System in my 2008 Sport Trac XLT that already has a factory installed Sirius antenna.

Do all of the Ford GPS systems have built-in sat radio capabilities (i.e. a sat tuner) that simply plugs into my existing sat wiring/antenna?

Also, does anyone have a .pdf file or general instructions on how to open up the center stack to remove old radio/install new GPS in a 2006 or newer Explorer/Sport Trac?

Thanks for your help, ST4X4 in Florida

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opening the center stack is shown in great detail at the top of the stock 2006 explorer topic list.

Click the link below for the console disassemble.

If your EX already has the Sirius tuner, then the OEM Nav radio will recognize it. Just make sure you hookup all the connectors from your existing OEM radio to your OEM Nav radio.

I've done this and it works great.


Bought my OEM nav unit tonight, hope to have for install by Monday!

The photos/instructions make this pretty straightforward, but still have 1 question?

When removing a radio/installing a new, is it necessary to disconnect the battery? I've done this in the past, but would rather not if the truck's electrical system won't be harmed otherwise?

Thanks again for suggestions,

ST4X4 in FL

I did not disconnect the battery when I installed mine.
I have one question for you about your OEM Nav radio that you ordered. Are you having it programmed to except all the options that your Ex has installed like subwoofer, steering wheel audio controls, DVD entertainment system etc?

Programming ?

Hello :)

I am 'hoping?' that I won't have to have it programmed, but realize it will likely be necessary? I have an '08 Sport Trac XLT without a subwoofer or Sync, yet I do have Sirius and 5 buttons on the steering wheel.

I will attempt to install and see what happens, but do expect to require programming. There's a guy on eBay who does a great job of this, but suppose a well-informed dealer might be able to do so so too?

I installed a Lincoln version of this NAV for a relative and before it was re-programmed, the volume was locked at one level and steering wheel controls were non-functioning...after the re-program, all was fine.

Will let you know what happens...cannot wait to have NAV in my S/C!

Regards, ST4X4 in FL

How did it all go? I'm installing a '09 Ford OEM Nav system into my ')8 Explorer Limited (With Sync, Sirius, subwoofer). It's not going well right now. Only low sounds from subwoofer, and nothing from other speakers. Sync is not responding, and Sirius seems inactive also. Don't know if "reprogramming" is the answer - seems like something more. Got a couple of extra connections on the rear of the new HU. Looking for answers and getting none yet. May be a bad purchase/wild goose chase/waste of money ...Help anyone! I'd like to know who this contact is that can do reprogramming ...