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"OIL CHANGE REQUIRED" warning & sluggish engine respond


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January 26, 2006
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Torrance, CA
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2009 XLT, 1999 XL (RIP)
I usually change my engine oil (Mobile 1 5w30 w/ Motorcraft filter) whenever the "Oil Change Required" warning light comes on (usually about every 6.5k). I normally reset the warning after I change the oil. The warning light comes on last week and the truck feels sluggish on the throttle response. After I change the oil today I was planning to reset the warning a bit later. The engine feels sluggish for the whole day. However, after I reset the warning light this evening, the engine feels running smoother. Does anyone know if the oil change warning light put the engine to "limping mode" in some way?

I usually change my oil (2010 4.6L) every year regardless of mileage (usually less than 3000 miles, mostly city driving). I often forget to reset the oil change monitor and the oil change reminder light comes on. I've never noticed any loss of performance while it was on.

Nope, just coincidence

Thanks, guys, for the response. I guess it is just a coincidence. :=)