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Oil Pressure Guage problem


July 28, 2001
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Hamilton, Ontario
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1999 Limited
When I start the engine after it has been sitting off for a while the oil pressure guage shows no oil pressure. After a couple of minutes of running it jumps up to normal. I have checked the oil and it is fine. Also when I check the oil on the center console it says it is fine anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

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The sensor may be going bad (simplest solution). Otherwise, your oil pump may be going and not getting the pressure up. Easiest way to check is to hook up a pressure guage and start the engine up under the same circumstances when the problem has appeared, and see if the pressure is in fact there or not on startup. Search for Oil Pressure and you should find quite a few posts, some of which will have better instructions on how to do the above.

So whats the story with the cold check guage ?

I have just purchased a 2001 Sport Trac, and have exactly the symptoms. The oil pressure sits on L for about 1 min and then jumps to normal, and remains fine for the rest of the day.

What was the answer ?
I have a 2001 Sport Trac with the same symptoms.
Check Guage comes on with no oil pressure and then after about 1 min, jumps to normal ???

I also have a 2001 Sport Trac that shows zero oil pressure on cold start. After little bit goes to normal. First, it is not an actuall gauge, its a glorified idiot light. I have purchased a new sending unit from Ford, and put it in today. I will post another reply after checking to see if it fixes the problem.

Can't wait to hear your reply. I have a 2000 Limited and the same thing happens. When it is cold outside (lately it has been in the teens) and the truck has been sitting for a while (8 hrs or so) is when the problem occurs. I start her up and the gauge goes to normal. Then after a couple of seconds, the gauge drops and the check gauges light comes on of course. If I sit there for a couple of minutes, sometimes the gauge will pop back up to normal for a split second and then drop again.

After about a minute or so, the gauge finally jumps back up to where it should be.


The same thing happened to my fathers 2001 explorer last year. I nearly pooped my pants when I was driving it and it showed no pressure. It is the gauge, I am not sure if it is a free fix from Ford or not.

David Larson

I put in a sending unit yesterday, and havent had a problem yet!! Up here in MT, it has been very cold. And before, it would act up on cold start. Not anymore. Part was $6.45 from Ford, and took 10 minutes to install.
I have emaild Alldata, and Identifix, to have them look into it. Seems too many people are having the same problem to be chance.

Reported results in other thread

Sorry, I added a reply in a thread I started myself (Cold starting check guage and no oil pressure ?)and omitted this thread.
My mechanic was able to catch the "cold" problem and verify that although the guage read zero, pressure was fine. A new sensor/switch @ $10 part and $50 labor and the problem is solved.