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Opinions on dash kits...


April 16, 2002
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2OO1 Explorer Sport
I was wondering everyone's opinions on what kind of dash kit would look best with the interior of a 2001 X Sport. The interior of mine is gray/silver and I was wondering which kit out of brush aluminum/steel, wood or carbon fiber would look best. I personally think the brushed would look the best since it would kinda match the interior, but I'm looking for others opinions on this so any help and suggestions would be appreciated!

Also I was thinking about getting it from www.tfpusa.com , so if anyone has dealt with this company or known someone that has and could give me any info about this company that would also be appreciated!

And if anyone doesn't know exactly what certain kit materials look like heres a link:

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Thanks! :)

maybe if you could post pics we could vote based on that? I've never been a fan of dash kits though.

Thats why I posted the link in my first post, it has pics of the materials.

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But Here Are The Pics...

Burl Wood
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Carbon Fiber
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Rose Wood
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