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parking brake advice requested


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December 7, 2006
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Republic, WA
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2005 XLT
Hi all. . .

I have a 2005 Explorer :D , unfortunately, the parking brakes don't work properly; in essence, when the parking brake pedal is engaged it pushes all the way to the floorboard, and, of course the there is no braking. . .hence, the transmission is bearing all the weight of the vehicle:rolleyes:. . .

I thought that the parking brake could be easily "adjusted" with a nut/bolt so I traced the parking brake cable from the pedal to the real axle (left side) and I couldn't find a hint of an "adjustment" nut/bolt anywhere along the cable. . .Am I missing something, or, does the parking brake assembly at the hub have to be removed to make "adjustments"???

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter 'cause I don't want to have to repair the transmission.



Hi tafay1

In the same boat here. Odds are your parking brake shoes are worn out. Seems to be a common complaint with the weird set-up they use for a parking brake. Has little shoes inside the brake disc for emergency brakes. And from what I read, a real pain to change out. I'm gonna have mine done at the station for about 3 bills....

I changed my shoes about 2 months ago on my '03. The adjustment is at the parking brake assembly. Truthfully it wasnt a bad job, aside from getting the springs back on, like a typical drum brake setup would require. I paid 45.00 for the shoes at a local Autozone (had to be ordered), and did them with the help of a chiltons manual.

If you only need to adjust them, i believe the adjuster was at the bottom portion of the assembly. You can turn the adjuster with a flat head screw driver.

Good luck,