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passenger side rear door window motor


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May 16, 2010
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I have power to the rear passenger door window but no noise or movement at all. I assume it is the window motor. I searched the archives and I can't seem to find info on how to replace the motor. 2001 sport trac. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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i had the same with my 01 sport trac took panel off and put wd40 and tapped the motor while i held the button and it started workin. still no problems.

On the rear doors you have to remove the whole regulator to replace the motor. This involves drilling out the rivets holding the regulator to the door. Not a big problem there but replacing the rivets will be unless you have a rivet gun capable of installing 1/4" rivets. Most people won't have one of those.

Here's one just like mine ....... that I paid much more for, 10 years ago. It's a good one.

window motor

For future reference, you can drill out the lower rivet (that holds the motor bracket/window regulator) and rotate the motor about 30 degrees to the right (as you are looking at it) and it will come right out. I used a bolt and locknut/washer to replace the rivet. It's clear of all moving parts so the bolt worked well. I also found that I had to drill a hole to access the third bolt on the motor (there is a dimple on the door panel that indicates where to drill). Finally, I found it easier to remove the speaker to gain access (very easy).

That's how the Ford manual says to do it for the front doors ( and on most other models ) but it said remove the regulator on the Trac. Guess that's a money maker for their mechanics, do it your way/charge their way. Fortunately I haven't had to do a rear motor yet. Good info ! ! ! Thanks