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po305 code ford sport trac.


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March 19, 2016
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universal city tx
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2001 Ford Explorer sport
hi. guys. I need some help to figure my truck issues. I have been reading on the Web how to resolve my truck issues but not good results... I have a 01 sport trac with the check engine on and code po305 cilynder 5 misfire and po174 02 sensor bank 1.... I change sparks plugs, wires and ignition coil and still having the po305 code... also I change the fuel filter.... any suggestion I will really appreciated...

do you notice anything funny driving it? do you notice the misfire, as in, crappy idle, lack of power, hard starting, or excessive shaking or vibration?

your codes point to a lean condition on bank 1. after the work you've done, I would start by resetting the codes, then running some fuel system/injector cleaner through with a fresh tank of gas.

if that doesn't fix it, I would then consider changing that O2 sensor, and the #5 injector.