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Possible Sport V8s?

Now that I've decided that if I significantly increase the power in my 2000 Sport I will install a V8 I need to consider engine possibilities. I'm not very knowledgeable about Ford V8s since my Sport is the first Ford I've owned.

Of course the easiest would be the 302/5.0L since it came stock in so many of the 4 door Explorers.

The 351 Windsor engine would provide more power but I've read that the deck height is larger to accommodate the engine's longer stroke. It might not fit in the engine compartment.

The stroked and bored 302 to 347 would be about as simple to install as the stock 302 except for a custom tune but is fairly expensive for an OHV engine.

The 4.6L came with the 4R70W in 3rd generation Explorers and I like the idea of a SOHC V8 with all of the chains and sprockets in the front of the engine. However, I've read that the engine is wider than the 5.0L (probably due to the heads) and may not fit.

What I would really like is one of the engines shown below.

However, the 4.6L DOHC V8 is even wider than the 4.6L SOHC V8.

I still think you should do it, If I come down n help you, your sport could be finished in a week...


Not for long

Dale- will the 850 stick around until you put a helper into the Sport? You know- for boost fix? :D

I'll keep the 850 until I have confidence in its reliability. I still have to purchase a 155/80R15 to use as a spare and haven't been able to find a used one. The only manufacturer I've found that makes one in an all season non-directional tread is BFG. A new costs around $100. I also still have the persistent VSS fault which so far has absolutely no detectable effect other than the check engine light and a flashing forward light. I'm beginning to think it's because I have larger diameter tires on the vehicle than the ECU expects. It may be possible to fix the fault by reprogramming the ECU. I won't sell the 850 until after I add my engine cooler thermostat and rework my oil coolers/filters on my Sport.

After I sell the 850, I'll watch for another Sport with serious timing chain problems but otherwise in good condition. I'll fix it to drive when my 2000 is down for modifications. I have come up with a list of long range possibilities - not necessarily in the order listed:

1. Dual fire ignition
2. VIS intake manifold
3. Electric water pump
4. Electric cooling fan
5. Electric power steering pump
6. Relocate alternator (high output) to stock power steering pump location
7. Custom tunes with Racer Pro software package
8. High flow catalytic converters, mufflers, resonator and pipes
9. Centrifugal supercharger (5 to 8 psi boost) with water aftercooler and higher flow fuel injectors