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Power door locks


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August 23, 2015
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Canal Winchester, OH
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2001 Ford Explorer
I have a 2001 Ford Explorer. My driver side door will not lock or unlock with the key fob. When I press the power door lock button on the console all doors work except driver side. If I put the key in the door, it will unlock/lock and the door will open. I pulled the door apart and can see the actuator moving up/down when I press the power door lock button. Thoughts if this is still an actuator issue? Electrical seems fine since the actuator is actually moving. Thanks!


use the search function. There is a very long thread about using a spring to connect to the rod that moves the knob up and down. They break all the time.

If you can see the actuator moving, agree that it is not an electrical issue. There should be a rod connecting the lock actuator to the latch mechanism in the end of the door. (It may connect to another rod that connects to the latch.) I want to say that there are some yellow plastic clips that connect the rods that can break (but not sure I haven't got my vehicles mixed up!!) Good luck.

The actuator may be moving but the internal nylon gears tend to strip over time, especially when lock mechanisms are binding and aren't moving freely. Often times you can hear gears slipping or buzzing when power is applied. The "spring" fix below sometimes helps, but often it's a tiny spring inside the latch that breaks and requires a new $60+latch assembly. Agree with Bob, check ALL linkages and clips carefully and look closely for a small broken spring inside the door latch or in the bottom of the door. Not fun. GL

door latch problem solved - temporarily maybe??