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Problems with ICM sending spark signal


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November 21, 2008
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Redmond, OR
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94 4x4
93, 99 Bauer 4x4
I don't get a spark signal to the coil pack. Did an ohm check at pin 5 and 6 for the crank position sensor circuit and It is good. KOEO power on #8 and ground on #9. Used an LED test light clipped onto +ive battery terminal and got pin 10 to Ignition Coil #1 and pin 11 to Coil #2 were showing -ive polarity, the light staying solid green. The pin 12 had nothing. Also, the pin #1 the PIP signal flashed when cranked. So, what is the PIP signal for, does the ICM create it from the signal of the CKP and send it to the ECM, or is it coming from the ECM. How is the ECM involved in the equation. Is the signal from pin 2 (Ignition Diagnostic Module Signal) for sending out the CKP signal to the ECM so it can send back the PIP signal? I want to find out if the ICM is bad or the ECM is bad.

ICM's rarly fail.
ECU's have ben known to fail.

I'd pull the ECU and open it to check for swollen capacitors or other signs of visible problems.