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Explorer backfires and dies


September 18, 2010
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Denver, co
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1990 ford ranger 4.0
I have a 1991 ford explorer. The engine backfires, has rough idle, and dies especially starting it after it sits overnight. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel relay fuse, fuel pressure regulator, and idle air control valve. Fuel pump turns on with ignition. Neutral safety switch works. Ran engine codes and got:

14: ignition pickup (PIP) was errattic-Ignition systems

66: Vane Air Flow (VAF) or Mass Air Flow (MAF) signal low

95: #Fuel pump: open, bad ground or always on- Power/Fuel Pump Circuits

Air not diverting (AIRD) -Air Injection

Possible bad fuel pump ground or open between fuel pump and pin 8 at PCM (Fuel pump monitor signal) -power/fuel pump circuits

96: #Fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power - power/fuel pump circuits

Thinking it could be the crank position sensor.