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Pull to left


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April 9, 2000
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Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
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94' XL 4x4
A few days after I changed my front brakes, the truck started pulling to the left, but not always. Sometimes it goes staight, and somtimes pulls to the left. I have filled, sanded and greased all moving parts of the caliper. I also had the rear drums cleaned out and ajusted, I saw a small leak from the axle seal, but the pads dont seem to be soaked. Is it possible that the drum is grabbing and pulling on the rear end, when I brake it somtimes pull harder. I dont know if somthing would be loose in the front end, I checked: ball joint, tie rod, steering linkadge, evrything seems OK no play in them. What do you suggest.

I've got the same thing...brakes on the driver side won't quit grabbing. Check your front wheel, if its hot (and I mean hot) then its your brakes.

Did you change your caliper or just your brakes?

Sounds like you greased the rails, but I would check the piston. I'm going out today to get new calipers for both sides....ughhh.