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Question: 1997 Explorer Aftermarket 6-CD Changer Radio


November 9, 2012
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
I have the OEM radio in my 1997 Ford Explorer with 6-CD changer and cassette. Is it possible to replace it with an aftermarket 6-CD changer in which the CD changer is within the main unit? What I'm looking for is something similar to the 2005 Explorer XLT CD changer. (5th picture down) My radio has the CD changer in the console.

The audio in my front (and sometimes rear) speakers have been going out intermittently. I replaced the speakers with Daewoo speakers identical to the original ones. However, the audio still goes out sometimes. I'm figuring it's either bad wiring and/or the radio needs to be replaced.

You can put any aftermarket radio in with the right harness, as long as it fits.

In the 97, the hole is a 1.5 DIN, but can be modified to fit a standard, double din radio.

Just find one with a CD Changer.