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Questions on K&N/ KKM Mods


January 9, 2003
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Los Angeles, CA
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1994 Limited Edition
I have read most of the posts here on the airbox mods so don;t think I'm lazy! haha

Ok, my setup...I have a '94 Limited. The airbox is on the passengerside, behind the battery which is directly bgehind the headlight. I'm thinking about just doing a K&N drop in and drilling some holes where the box is now. Do I remove the cold air intake tube as well? Will holes even matter with the battery blocking the front side? Or....

What if I just go with a KKM? What I was thinking about was trying to reposistion the battery where the airbox is now, use some metal dryer duct from the engine to the MAS and KKM cone and posistion it where the battery currently is, right behind the passenger headlight. That calls into question the CA emmisions and it that would be cool with them. It just seems where the airbox is now, it doesn't matter if there are holes or not, but if I can move it to behind the headlight that may be better.

Anyone's thoughts if they had a similar setup? Thanks for any replies!

leave the cold intake tube...and drill the airbax... all will be fine.... just dont do any water crossings and it should be all good

Jim, is your '94 have the airbox int he same posistion? Have you done the hole mods? How do you like it?

my airbox is in the same position.... but my truck also hasnt had a filter in a year..... (well, its been parked for the most part) i dont have inner fenders though... they were removed a long time ago