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Rancho Shocks and 4" lift


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February 6, 2000
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'99 Explorer EB
Hey guys,
I will be adding a lift in June along with new tires. I just added new Rancho RS5000's that are rated to 1.5" above stock. If I go with the 4" lift (probably will) is there any way to salvage the new shocks or do I need to replace them? Thanks for the help.

Jon M

Jon McLeod
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Rancho RS5000's

Next project: Headers, 1.5" lift (add-a-leaf and spacers), 31x10.50's

You will need to replace them. They will be way to short for a 4" lift. Where did you buy the Ranchos? You may be able to talk them into taking back the old ones and defecting them out for new 4" taller shocks. Good luck!

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