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Ranger bench seat in explorer???and


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April 5, 2019
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2002 explorer xlt
Does anybody know, will a rangers front bench seat bolt into an explorer?
I use my 2002 explorer to deliver mail in, so I have to drive from the passenger seat. I removed the center consolel, and placed a thick piece of foam between the seats, but the edge of the passenger seat kills my back. So I was wondering/hoping, a rangers bench seat with a folding center consoles Might be better suited than the buckets in my explorer.

Thanks for any insite.

You drive from the passenger side? Deliver mail!! So many questions....

As for does a ranger bench seat fit. I wouldn't it would be a direct bolt in. The Ranger and the regular Explorers are quite different. Maybe it would fit the explorer sport. However bolting in a bench seat doesn't sound like it is too hard of a thing to do. I'd head to a junk yard and start measuring. The bolt down locations might require some reinforcements, and the bench some modifications, but shouldn't be something that it is too difficult. Heck it sounds like something I would attempt, and I am only moderately competent at these things.

The ranger bench most probably will be a few inches short, width wise, to fit a Gen3 Ex. Maybe look at a bench from a F150?
Also, the Ranger floor mount brackets will not match the contour of your floor.
All that said, it shouldn’t be too difficult to modify and fabricate everything enough to get it to work. I’m guessing you’re more interested in functionality than looks.

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I want the functionality of a bench seat since I have to drive from the center/ right side of vehicle. I don’t care what it looks like. It just sucks having the side support of the bucket seat digging into my spine for 5-6 hours a day. And a pillow or thick chunk of foam don’t help much.