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Rear Diff "Inner?" Seals Leaking


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March 12, 2009
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Leeds, Yorkshire
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1998 V6
Evening Guys,

I can't stand watching the X Factor with my better half so my thoughts turn to fixing "Dora" My Explorer some more...:p:

Recently i removed my Rear Axleshafts with help from this forum! I discovered that in the Axleshaft Housing, in which the Axleshafts run through to the Diff itself, on the passenger side it had a small amount of Diff Oil in the bottom, however on the drivers side was completely flooded - the oil coming up to the level of the centre of the wheel bearing!

I've tried to find exploded diagrams of the rear diff for the Ex but got nowhere, the Haynes Manual basically saying take it to a specialist....

- Is their a Rear Diff "Inner" Seal which stops the Diff Oil entering the Axleshaft Housing on each side? And if there is, how easy is it to replace DIY? :help:

No there is no "inner" seal on the axle housing. The only seals which prevent oil from spilling out of the axle tubes are the "outer" seals - which are located pretty much right at the end of the axle tube (in front of the bearings and near the brakes).

Thanks IZ, that clears that one up. I'm guessing some Diff Oil in the Axleshaft Housings is normal with the only seals being positioned at the Wheel Bearing Ends then?

Yes, its normal to have oil in the axle tubes.