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Reprograming 94 keyless entry remote


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July 12, 2002
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Junction City, OR
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1994 xlt
Does anyone know how to reprogram a keyless entry remote for a 94 xlt

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There is a jumper connector in the drivers side rear
compartment in the cargo area, two wires. Turn the
key forward to the run position and jump over the 2
wires, when the door locks, lock and unlock remove the
wire and push a button on the remote, the doors
will lock and unlock again, then turn off the key,
it should be programmed, note.....make sure
you do all remotes that you have before turning
the key off, if you dont and have other remotes
they will not work.

Bippy 93

You got mail:D


thanks i will give it a try on monday when i get my new remote.

Any pics?

This thread is dead on for what I need to do, but I need to know exactly which connector in the compartment is the one that i am looking for. I have a whole bunch of them back there, but none of them have two wires. If anyone has a pic or can give a detailed description of what it is exactly I am looking for, I would appreciate it.



How about on a 99 XLT?



this might sound really dumb....but can I get one of these remotes and program it for my 93 eddie bauer explorer? Isn't there some sort of receiver needed in the truck to accept the lock/unlock signal?

Thanks Robb!