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Retrofitting Non JBL in a JBL car....


June 21, 2005
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Natick, MA
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1996 Eddie Bauer
I am trying to PROPERLY retrofit my head unit/cd changer from my 97 XLT (Non JBL) into my 96 EB (JBL).

Basically, I hate the look of aftermarket stereos, and I want my CD Changer back. I have all the parts, but now what? Can I use the existing speakers without the amp? Probably not, right...

I need any info re: diagrams, specs on speakers, etc... I might end up replacing the speakers (prolly gonna have to), but I want to keep the CD Changer. (Can I use the JBL head unit with the Non-JBL CD Changer?)

Anyone done this? Let me know! Thanks

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Why. The JBL system should have the input for the changer already. It will be a pain to swap them over. The head unit in the EB is a dummy. The actual control unit is in the rear of the vehicle, along with the two amps. So the harnesses will be different, and the antenna wire goes to the rear in the EB. It'd be simpler to get a changer to work in the EB.

But can I use the changer from the non JBL with the EB JBL Head Unit? I don't want anything aftermarket.

I believe they are the same. I wouldn't see why they're not, buut this is Ford we're talking about here ;)

Yes. A non-JBL system changer will work with JBL system because they use the same changer wirings but everything else is different. Like the amp for the JBL system is where the stock sub is as oppose to the HU like the non-JBL systems. If you want to retrofit something like that, I suggest you don't. If your JBL HU already has changer controls, then plug the changer in. Make sure there's a changer plug in the center console though.

any more details? what would I "wire it into". Schematics for the radio/cdc show a main data wire... It has Tape controls, do these function as cd controls when a cdc is recognized?

I don't have my Explorer anymore so my descriptions can be a little off. There're two versions of the receivers for each the regular and JBL systems. One of them has the CD changer controls, which is shown with "CD" button on the right side of the radio and a "Compact Disc" symbol right beside the tape player. The other doesn't have the "CD" button nor having a "Compact Disc" symbol.

So...go to your truck. Look at the radio and find the "CD" button on the right hand side of the HU. The button should be right above the "6" station button. If you have that button, then you have a CD changer ready system. All you have to do is to add a Ford CD changer and plug it in since the plug should be in the center console.

no cdc controls...
looks like a dead end.

I'm gonna try ebay...