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Roaring sound and flashing battery light


April 18, 2009
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I have an 06 Explorer that has this intermittent problem where the engine makes a loud, "roaring" sound when accelerating from a stop. It sounds like when I used to drive a standard transmission and needed to shift into a higher gear but didn't. This roar doesn't usually start when the car is cold, but after making a few stops and starts it begins. Recently, the "check charging system" message and battery light comes and goes as well as the noise under the hood. The battery and starter are new. Today, the car wouldn't start after a trip to the store and I had to get jumped. While the car wouldn't start, the radio and key in the ignition buzzer still worked. When I tried to start it, it would turn over about a half turn and then nothing. Any ideas anyone?

I'd suspect a bad alternator. The noise could be the bearings. It is obviously not keeping the battery charged, for starters. You can check the alternator for bearing noise with an automotive stethoscope.

Mine was making a roaring sound like an 18 wheeler accelerating. I found that my coolant was low and the cooling fan was apparently sensing that and overworking. Has nothing to do with the starting issue. but thought i'd pass this on.