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rumbling when clutch is engaged..


June 23, 2008
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new jersey
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'88 bronco II
Hey guys, my clutch has been making a lot of noise when engaged in neutral. With the pedal depressed, noise stops...Now there's a heavy rumbling when accelerating in any gear, when I take my foot off the gas and coast or if I disengage the clutch, the noise stops. Is this a bad pilot bearing or throwout bearing? Any suggestions will help. Thanks.

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If you say that the noise stops when you step on the clutch pedal it kind of rules out the pilot bearing. I'm not so sure about the throw out bearing though. Did you check fluid levels?

Sounds like the input bearing, common problem for the FM-146.

Nope..not throwout bearing. That would be with the clutch depressed. That type of noise is most likely either the input bearing going bad or the input shaft being galled up.

yeah input bearing seems most logical...are there any good write-ups on replacing input bearings? jdraper, how would the input shaft be galled up?

On some of the older (late 80's early 90's) manual trannies, Ford goofed in the hardness on the input shaft and they would gall up from the hardened bearing race wearing on a softer shaft material. That's what took out the tranny in my old '92.