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Rust_Sucks' '91 Explorer Sport

Once upon a time I was a member here with a 2wd '91 EB Explorer. Fast forward a few years, and I have gone through nearly 20 cars since then. I recently bought a 1991 sport 4x4 for a winter beater. I had every intention of just running it this winter and selling it come next summer. I'm not so sure now....
I had forgotten how much I had liked my old Ex. At the time I was 17, and my mother made me scrap it for a leaking intake gasket.

The sport is in rough shape, it needs a lot of little tinkering-type work. I am going to do the bare minimum for now and then work on it as I bave time and motivation. I am back in college, going for a bachelors in chemistry, so time/money are limited.

The truck has 30" tires on stock wheels(one needs replaced), no radio, shot hinge buchings on the drivers side, it either needs some of every fluid or a conplete change, and needs a passenger front brake hose. I am buying a bunch of stuff for it this weekend, I get a disount at work, but I will be losing that soon.

I will try and get a couple pictures of my new rust bucket when put up when I get home from work. I am typing this from an ipod now.


Put some pics up of the 2002 also ;)


Benjam :D

Benjam: Thanks! Will do on the BMW pics too.

I worked on the truck for a while today. I didn't get to mess with the 4wd yet. Here's what I managed to get done:
Cooling system drained and refilled with actual antifreeze.
Brake hose changed.
Brake line which runs under engine replaced.
Stock muffler removed in pieces.
Thrush welded attached to pipe, needs the tailpipe hooked up.
Removed broken plastic crap from various places.

I got a few pictures today, but I'm still on my ipod(wife is using her computer for a paper). It was stupid cold today, but I feel accomplished. Sore, but accomplished.


I had a couple more pictures, but photobucket is really glitchy on this thing and didn't take them.






And this is why you should always check your muffler bearings!



Well, I got the hatch functional today. I now do not have a trim panel on it though! Work on the 4x4 next time.

More serious, I believe the body rust to be terminal on this Ex. I am still going to drive it this winter, but I don`t think it will make it in the long run....