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Saw a saleen


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February 5, 2001
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'99 Maxima SE-L *5spd
Well I saw my first saleen X yesterday. It was a green saleen with gold rims. Looked real nice. I thought saleens only came in white though? The dark "willow" green and gold rims (18"s i think) looked awesome. That truck was simply sweet:p

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I though all Saleens came in white too. Somebody must have put all the pieces on a regular X.....

The gold rims could not have been factory I don't think....

They come in white and black. I have talked to a guy with a black one, the thing is simply sweet.

either way it sounds like he saw a sweet x

on the saleens you can get the gold rims, it's the same black/white saleen rim just in gold. It's rare though that you'll see one with the gold rims. I haven't seen a green saleen, but theres a maroon/burgandy (purplish kind of color?) Saleen XP8 w/the gold saleen rims and it looks amazing in that combination. Those trucks just look plain sinister, I think they look nicer than the Saleen Mustangs. Theres a few where I lived but nobody is selling them:( . I actually tried chasing one that left our boat ramp to see if he wanted to sell it, that damn thing was fast as hell, he may have done some stuff to it though because a had a dual exhaust instead of the single saleen exhaust and it sounded sweet as hell, definitley wasn't flowmasters by the sound but I'm not sure what he had on it (he did have a charger on it though because I heard the supercharger whine sound when he tore outta the lot) because he went through the next light before I even got close to him and I was in my moms 5.0 Mounty. Damn do I want one, but the only ones I can find for sale are all outta state:mad:.

Originally posted by SaleenEXP
Damn do I want one, but the only ones I can find for sale are all outta state:mad:.
Can we say roadtrip?

The Saleen dealer near me had that very color scheme for sale new a couple of years ago. Green with Gold Saleen stickers, and gold wheels. Looked pretty good! Still like the White and Black better though.

Is there any site online that has pictures of the trucks in question?

A Saleen X sounds kinda cool :)

AK47 - try doing a search on for Saleen Explorer. The new Saleen sight I don't think has any pics of the Saleen Ex b/c they don't make them anymore but you might be able to find the old site that has the pics, I know there are some other places if you do a search. They look badazz.