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serpentine belt tensioner - Ford F77Z6B209AA vs. Motorcraft BT-46


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Are the OEM Ford and Motorcraft belt tensioners identical, or different?

Motorcraft is a bit cheaper. I have been digging online and ran across some people claiming differences between OEM Ford and Motorcraft on some parts.

I don't want to save a few bucks, get the Motorcraft one, just to get a rebadged/repackaged Gates/Dayco/Goodyear/Dorman/etc unit that I could have just bought cheaper in the first place.

Pry end up getting the OEM Ford unit since it is only around $6 more...

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Ordered the Ford unit from a Ford dealer on eBay. Received the Motorcraft unit. Overall, they appear pretty much identical.

Good thing I changed mine out. The pulley bearings sounded worn skateboard bearings :confused:

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The aftermarket tensioners aren't so bad. I replaced it in my 1995 van with an Autozone version several years ago along with the idler pulleys. They weren't an exact match to the OEM parts but they worked.

From what I've seen, the same manufacturer that makes some of the OE Ford and Motorcraft tensioners makes the aftermarket ones. The only difference is the part number stamped on it.

I think Goodyear, AC Delco, and maybe even Gates use the same Canadian manufacturer, though it of course depends on the part. The visuals are what gives it away, though that can be hard to do when buying online, since you aren't always getting what's pictured.

Worth paying a few bucks more for Ford/Motorcraft if you can get it, but otherwise you can go aftermarket for less, and get pretty much the same exact part.

Rock Auto should have Ford & Motorcraft.

They did not show either in their catalog under belt tensioner, but a search for BT46 did show the Motorcraft unit.