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SOHC to OHV swap questions

Im trying to see where that's coming from. It looks like the lower intake, exhaust, and head(s) are your next project.
Sorry man. That blows.

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Yup, the silly head! I am having a hard time justifying replacing the head gaskets... But, on another note, I know where my coolant is going.

Yup, that blows.
Where do you stop. Pull the heads....rebuild them (magaflux, reseat valves, new seals....etc.) gaskets...........
Another $500.00 minimum. about 12 hrs labour. ****.

I knew the heads were going to have to come off to fix it. Now be prepared for a crack in the head on the number 4 cyl between the valves.

hahaha......Its funny how it seems to be such common issues on these motors.

daju vu all over again...

My Taurus had a bad head gasket so I picked up a set of heads at the J/Y and had them magnafluxed, one was cracked.
I went back to J/Y and picked up 2 more just in case and one of them were cracked. When i finally got the new heads on I could see a crack on one that I pulled off.

I am not doing this again!

Bars leak and an orange and black sign-

Skip the bars leak, either fix it, or sell it like it is. It's not that hard to snatch a set of heads off at the j/y. If they are cracked you WILL be able to see it, no need to send them to the shop. FYI 95-97 heads will work and are more durable. For best results use the 95-97 exhaust manifolds too.

The bad is the cost of the gasket set, $160!

Thanks I'm installing a 99 OHV actually came out of a 2000 (I have the complete donor vehicle) into a 2001 SOHC sport. I purchased a complete wiring harness out of a 2000 and everthing attached to it for 38.00 (PULL-A-PART NASHVILLE). THE original wireing harness was cut in some places and the transmission wires gone. I have basically 2 2000 wiring harnesses will all the attachments 1 2001 wirring harness all ecm's for all 3 all inigition switches and keys both fuel tanks and filters all O2 sensors. The E (Sohc) engine and X (Ohv) engine exhaust system appear to be the same y pipe two cats two O2 sensors. I plan on running the 2001 computor, fuel filter, mass air flow, fuel pressure regulator. QUESTION; which knock sensor, which fuel injectors (the one that matches MAF) which 02 sensors E or X. Thanks SteFin ps I plan to Video this and use a chip kit to make up for lost power and fuel economy.

This will be interesting.

No knock sensor on the ohv. I know this has been done, and the sohc computer was used, but I dont think it worked out perfectly.

Dono you're right the OHV motors had no knock sensors

I would recommend using the one of the OHV ecu's instead of the SOHC one. That's the route we ended up using on the original project from this thread, and it has been running great for over a year and 10k miles now.
Your snag will be PATS, but not a big deal since you have the donor. You can either move the rest of the PATS system over from the donor (steering column module and one behind passenger airbag IIRC), or just have a dealer match the computer you choose with your truck when the swap is completed. (have to tow it to a dealer)

As for the rest, if using the OHV ecu, use the fuel pressure reg and injectors that are already on the OHV motor.
Fuel Filter doesn't really matter
O2's are the same readings for both, just different harness lengths (if that)
Not sure if MAF is different, but use OHV to be safe.

Edit: To completely avoid pats, you could use a 98 Ranger OHV ECU (what we did). However, I believe there was a few wiring changes to make that work.


Document this really well as you go please.

If my body gives out, I may be thinking of moving my ohv in to a newer X. I have so much cash and time in to my motor, I'd hate to see it go to the scrap yard.

Mating the ohv to a newer transmission in a newer X has me concerned.

Mating the ohv to a newer transmission in a newer X has me concerned.

If you're pulling the motor, its usually easiest to just leave the trans attached. Therefor, just drop the existing trans into the new truck.

Though getting a newer truck gives you the option of getting a 5.0 to build up instead. :D


Is a 2000 Explorer 4.0 ohv 4 door engine fuel to tank return or mechanically Returnless in other words non-returnable?

the 2001 Sohc engine's fuel system is mechanical returnless non-return. Anybody know what a 2000 explorer ohv 4 door fuel system is returnless or fuel return. My All data subscription expired on the 2000. I guess I could go look.

2000 4.0 ohv is returnless

77'cj7 Thanks a testimonial form someone who's seen this movie means a lot. It's easier for us to pull a steering column module and passenger air bag chip than go to the dealer. Read on here the injectors on the SOHC are 24psi confirmed that on AllData. and the OHV is 19psi. the post on here said the E engine MAF was 24psi and The X engine was 19. I'm using the ohv computer and the injectors and maf. The fuel pump i'm undecided I'v got both tanks Fuel pumps and wiring. Thanks again 77cj'7 the light bulb went off above my head after reading your input

anybody running any of these chips or boxes that give you 70 hp and increased fuel milage? Is it a way to get the losses from losing the SOHC

real world, my ohv has always gotten around 14city, and around 19 hwy. There ware a few periods that I did better than this, but its tough to know why. Driving habbits, weather, ect play a hughe roll.

Dont believe the hype about those chips/boxes.

I'll be interested on what my mileage is come summer after getting james to tune my a/f ratio properly after my rebuild. Then, if I can drive nice, I just might see some ok mileage.

No matter what, it takes energy to move our heavy trucks, and they are a brick on the hwy. Mileage isn't exactly great on them, no matter what you do.

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Fuel pump assy: Both setups are returnless, and run at the same pressure. Therefor, the fuel pump already in the truck will work fine. It is a good time to replace your fuel filter though, its in the drivers side frame rail next to the transmission.

Factory MAF's being calibrated to injector sizes is a common myth. The calibration is actually in the ECU. Aftermarket MAF's for large injectors are just tricking the computer into seeing less airflow, therefor opening the larger injectors less. In theory this keeps the A/F ratio the same, but a custom tune is a much better option.
That being said, the MAF's may be different due to air flow requirements, so use the OHV one to be safe.

PATS: Switching the modules is the easy part. However, the trick is getting a key with the correct code to match the module you swap in. If you move the whole steering column over from the donor vehicle, your door locks won't match. Fixable, but much more work. Another option is to get keys made that are cut to your current column, but with the chip programmed to the new frequency.
EASY WAY OUT: Simply tape the key from the donor truck inside your steering column after swapping the module over. This effectively disables PATS, as the key is always present, but is the quick and easy solution.

Chips: None of the chips or modules are worth the money, some can even damage your vehicle. If you want the best performance, get a tune from Henson Performance. Honestly though, its not really worth it on a completely stock motor. It still won't keep up with a healthy SOHC.

I think that covers most of it.