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SOHC to OHV swap questions

Facing the glovebox with the airbag removed sitting in the passenger seat on the left inside the glovebox is a relay, top center is a black box module looking electrical something, on the right is larger black electrical something. Question which one is the PATS module I need to switch from the donor to the project Explorer. I will try to research and find the answer but looking for a testimonial from someone Thanks SteFin

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Airbag removed glovebox area

no luck loading picture it's only a minute with dewalt 18vlt impact driver to remove all three I'm assuming it's labeled ford anti-theft I just seen a ranger one marked that way. Can you load pictues on this quick reply message? I struck out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize dumber than a road lizard losened the two torque screws on the center module it's clearly marked Ford Anti Theft when it's unbolted and you can read it. Sometimes I'm my worst enemy I hope I can save someone else time like you guys have me.

Whoa Nelly!!! In the same location on the project vehicle (2001 Sport sohc) with the airbag removed took 60 seconds this time. The module is not metal but plastic twice as long and with two different pin conectors and marked keyless entry/anti theft the 2001 Sport does have a keypad on drivers door. Could the Pats module be somewhere else I cannot see it anywhere in the glove box area. Anyone got information on keyless entry/anti theft in conjuction with PATS. Thanks Stefin

The remote keyless/anti theft behind the air bag on the passenger side has my door key pad code. Still have not found the PATS MODULE if this is not one. ALLDATA.DIY places it behind the airbag but damn if I see it, feel it. AllData had the keycode transponder it the rear drivers side about 2 ft in front of the jack NOT. Any ideals Thanks Stefin