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Sport 2dr vs Sport Trac Body Mount Bushings


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December 25, 2023
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Longview, Washington
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2001 Explorer Sport 2 Dr
Hey all, I currently am driving a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2 door (the facelift) and I was wondering how different the body mount bushing kits were to the sport trac of the same year? For as much as I’ve seen about the 2dr vs the trac they’re basically the same vehicle just the trac is bigger with its bed. I accidentally bought a body mount bushing kit meant for the trac and I was wondering if it’d still fit and work for my 2dr?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

The sport trac has different rear cab mounts then a normal explorer
The front radiator support and front cab mounts will likely be the same

The sport likely has one addition set of cab mounts at the back that a sport trac would not use
So basically you can likely use half of that kit but will still be left needing the rear most mounts

Do they offer a kit for your sport? Maybe worth swapping them out

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