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sqeaking noise, new belt and tensioner....


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December 30, 2007
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Berkeley, CA
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04 explorer
so i have had a terrible rattle from my explorer and was fearing a timing chain tensioner when i found out that the belt tensioner was bad and loose and just crappy, so i replaced it with one from carquest, in january i had a ford motorcraft belt put on, ive put less than 10,000 miles on the car and the belt looked to be in great condition, started it up all was good....drove down the block and stopped at a light sounded good :thumbsup: ....took off from the light and heard a chirp/squeak that increased as the rpms increased, but only at around 1500+...its pretty loud im just wondering what it could be? also how tight is the belt tension supposed to be? mine was TIGHT, seems to be coming from left front of the engine almost like its the pulley on the tensioner :confused:

it is the same sound i had back in january when i replaced the belt and it went away, i have a new carquest belt but it was just a tiny bit shorter than the motorcraft, and i couldnt get it to go on, im wondering why it would seem to be 1/2" short or so...it was a TIGHT fit to get the old belt back on...could too much tension on the tensioner cause the pulley to squeak? how would i correct this? turning on ac, or power steering doesnt correct or change the sound, and i started the engine without the belt and it was quiet as a mouse :D

any ideas...new tensioner, belt with less than 10k motorcraft belt....no noise at idle and up to 1500 rpm's!:mad: