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Statement from Firestone/Bridgestone


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The following is directly quoted from a memo on the Bridgestone/Firestone Web sight.

Statment by Christine Karbowiak, Vice President, Public Affairs Bridgestone/Firestone, August 3, 2000

" We understand that many of our customers are concerned by recent news reports regarding the safety of the Firestone ATX and Wilderness tires. Although thest tires are safe and are not the subject of any recall, customer confidence in these tires is our top priority. Therefore, we encourage any owner of ATX or Wilderness tires to schedule an appointment with their nearest company-owned Firestone Tire ans Service Center for a free inspection of their tires. Any customer who is unaware of the nearest location should call 1-800-456-1904. We will inspect each customer's tires for damage or excessive wear and ensure that the tires are wearing properly and inflated to the level specified by the vehicle's manufacturer. As part of our long-standing customer satisfaction program, customers who would like to exchange their tires will be given credit toward new tires, based on the remaining life of the tires. In fact, any issues or concerns following the inspection will be remedied to each customer's satisfaction.

In addition, Bridgestone/Firestone asks all drivers, regardless of their vehicle model or tire make, to be as conscientious about the maintenance of their tires as any other part of their vehicle.

* Always keep the vehicle manufacturer's recomended air pressure in all your tires. Driving on too little air pressure can cause the tread of any radial tire to separate.

* Walk around your car to look for cuts, cracks, splits, or bruises in the tread and sidewall areas as well as spotty wear in tread. Bumps or bulges may indicate a separation within the tire. As always, have your tires inspected by a qualified tire service person.

* All tires should be rotated to minimize uneven or irregular wear. This should be done every 5,000 miles or at the vehicle manufacturer's recomended mileage.

We welcome the preliminary evaluation by the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration of these tires. We understand that an objective evaluation will take time. We are confident that NHTSA will confirm what we have already known: the public can be reassured that these are safe, high quality tires that have provided billions of miles of reliable service."

There it is straight from the horse's mouth.:D