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stero swap question


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December 20, 2007
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2010 V8 Limited
I have a 99 Explorer Sport with the CD/Cassette dual media stereo.

I might be buying an 04 XLT tomorrow that has the single disc CD player, no cassette.

This sticky in this forums seems to suggest I can swap the two? Just want to make sure before I run it by the dealership tomorrow...I really like my cass/cd..and just want to make sure there wouldnt be any compatibility issues with putting it into the 04

I have a GPS with a built in mp3 player and I have all the stuff necessary to run it into the aux port on the dual media stereo on my 99...I would just assume swap that unit into the 04 if it would allow me to use the same equipment for the mp3 player.

As far as I could tell the single cd player might require a different aux adapter than the one I have??

I currently use the USA SPEC DF-FORD20 Adapter which runs right into the cd changer/aux port on the dual media unit in the 99...

Is the dual media stereo "better" than the single cd unit (other than it can accept cassettes?)

Niether my 99 or the 04 have the sub woofer.

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Depending on who you speak to, you will get more than one answer. A NJ supplier to Ford says that they wouldn't work due to changes in the fascia. Another in CA agrees, however he told me my OEM stereo was one model, when it's actually another - so, you would be right to check them by your dealership first - Service department will know. :)

These radios are NOT interchangeble. The 04 install includes hidden screw holes on the bottom of the unit. In comparison, the 99 uses a clip system (note the holes on each side of the 99 radio).

Though not your radio, this is from an 04:


Compare to the 99 radio:


absolutely...that is what I was looking for.


Okay, does the single cd unit have an auxilury input in the back so I can hook up an mp3 player? Is it the same hookup as the 99 radio?

that's a trip...

the dealer told me i had the top one, i sent a picture of the bottom one... he said mine shouldn't have holes in the side... but it does.

the oem

the replacement (note the brackets:confused: