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Sway bars

HCCA 250

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November 7, 2009
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2002 Eddie Bauer
I don't do much off roading to speak of. A little dirt/gravel to get to fishing spots, only. But, I AM tired of the side, to side wobble when ecountering dips/bumps. I have new Monroe strut cartridges, in the rear. New struts in the front. New U/L ball joints. The suspension is fully factory functional.

What I'm looking to try is adding a front sway bar. Does anyone know what the factory size is, off the top of their heads? The upgrade is 35mm. If the factory is the same size, then why bother? If the aftermarket is larger, and should show an improvement, what make/model should I go with? Addco? Eibach? Eibach seems to specify a sway bar for EITHER a V8, or V6, for the same year model. I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with anything. The Addco says nothing of a difference in engines. But, only states a model for my '02-'05 EB.

I was also going to get the Energy Suspension greaseable poly bushings. Any help appreciated.

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you know, that side to side wobble actually seems to be caused by the front swaybar. I removed mine completely over a year ago and don't experience any negative effects on the handling. Now when I go over bumps, just the suspension flexes, and the cab doesnt feel like it's rocking back and forth.

Ditto. If anything, upgrading to larger and stiffer sway bar(s) will increase the side to side rocking that you are trying to reduce. Disconnect one front end link and test drive to compare handling. The poly bushings will tighten up the feel and handling, although the stock factory brackets align, fit better, and are a much heavier gauge than the ES universal greasables. Adding 1/4-28 angled zerks to the OEM brackets and poly bushings is an option and worked very well for me.



I had a broken link right before fixing the suspension. So, I have...sorta...tried it already. My rear coil springs were broken. The left front ball joints were shot, and I needed a rear left wheel bearing. So, in addition to the sway bar link being broken, I don't know which of what was making the swaying better, or worse. AFTER I had it all fixed, it was tighter...obviously. Maybe, the broken rear coils were the reason for the excess bobble. So...what...? Better shocks? Progressive rate springs, up front? I'm not a suspension guy. Engines I can do. But, never worked on suspensions much.

Just go get springs from the same place you bought your Monroe cartridges. On these vehicles, it's a waste of time to just replace the cartridge, as the OE springs have a tendency to snap. I think all in, replacing the components might be the same price as a quick strut, it's just more work.

I already bought quickstruts, for the rear. The springs were broken. Now, they are functional. Just wondered if different springs (i.e.-heavier/progressive springs) were of any benefit? I test drove a Ford Edge. You just can't seem to find a bump/dip/pothole, enough to make it ride rough. The Explorer, on the other hand.....