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HELP ! Eibach sway bar install assistance


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August 1, 2011
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Lake Tahoe, CA
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2004 limited AWD V8
Hi Everyone,
I started the front Eibach sway bar upgrade yesterday and removed the stock sway bar without removing any other suspension parts - it was a bit of a PITA but the bar does come out without disconnecting anything else.

BUT -- I cannot get the Eibach sway bar back in - no how/ no way and I'm stuck.

So, if someone who has installed the sway bar upgrade could tell me how and what to do next that would be very help. Currently the wife's explorer out of commission until I figure out how to get the new bar back on the car.

( I realize we can drive it without the bar installed but that wasn't the idea).

Any and all suggestions / tips / directions/ videos greatly appreciated !!!

i believe that you have to remove the front two tires and have the front of the car jacked up