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TBARS is now Elite....

...This is dedicated to my Project X, as my Ranger registry and, my ongoing Project X build/adventures, can both be found in my signature...;)

...Thank you for taking the time to look at my Explorer and I will continue to do my best to help as many as I can....I hope I can be as helpful as you all have been to me. Thank You Moderators and all the other Great people of this site who have helped me with my Serious Explorations...:salute:

Click this link for the complete Project X Story from the beginning till today..


June '07
Truck 1991 ExplorerXLT 4x4
D.O.B. 01/91
Nicknamed Project X
Interior Grey
Paint Dupli-color metallic Grey w/Krylon Ultra Flat Black trim
Wheelbase 111.5
Motor Rebuilt 4.0L (Autolite platinums)(Bosch wires)
Intake Air KKM Air filter
Exhaust Custom cut/bent 2.5" w/Borla Headers and a Flowmaster40 muffler
Tranny Auto-Completely rebuilt A4LD
Tranny Temp Gauge/Pillar Pod/Drain Plug Install
Transfer case Electronic 1354
Front Differential Dana35-4.56-Aussie Locker
Rear Differential
8.8-4.56 stock LS
Front Suspension TTB w/Superlift 5.5" w/custom Shock Hoops w/Dual Shocks
Rear Suspension Superlift w/ stock shackles
Steering AGR Steering Pump Install
Anti Axle Wrap Rancho Kicker Shocks
Sway Bars None
Body Lift 3" P.A. body lift
Shocks Pro-comp ES9000
Tires 35x12.50x15 Goodyear MT/R's
Wheels AR 15x10" Baja's
Hubs Stock manual Warn hubs
Stereo Sony Single Din AM/Fm Cassette/CD
Headlights Diamond Cut Clear Install
Corners Clear
Window Tint Came with the truck

Double Gulp Soda Holder
Found here
CB Cobra 19 DX IV w/Radio Shack Magnet mount
Rock Sliders 1/4" Steel 2x3 tubing
Rock lights 4-Generic 55 watt 1- 100 watt "How To"
Off Road Lights 2-Pilots hidden in grill
160 amp Alternator w/ overdrive pulley
Recovery Points Front-Chevy 1-ton Hooks.Rear-Hitch with Smitty Built Clevis.Sides-Sliders
Billet Grill
Aftermarket Rear Diff Cover
Limiting Straps all around
Adjustable Drop Hitch
Hitch Review
Milage 193,500
MPG 11city/16hwy
And driven to each trail run...:)

Links to Trail Runs

Main Divide Rd. 7/15/07
Cleghorn and 2N17X 7/28/07
Pismo Beach Part Deux 8/10/07
Main Divide at Sunset 9/12/07
Main Divide Rd 9/23/07
E.F. Truckhaven Newbie Run 10/19/07
Truckhaven Turkey Day 11/23/07
E.F. Annual Truckhaven Run 1/18/08
Big Bear 1/25/08
Trabuco Canyon Excitement march 7/8/9 '08
Mojave Desert Trail March 17, 08
Big Bear May '08

...My Project X under construction...and the dog, yes, she is riding along in all the pictures..:D

...My Spotter..

...Red Fender Pics...:p:


...Latest Trail Pics...

...and some random flex shots...:p:

...the best i can stuff with the 3" body lift

...check out the rear droop...;)


..This pic shows some of the great people from this site working on my Project X so I can make the night run...:salute:

...:shifty_ey ...A pic of the "Project X" in the grocery getter mode..:D

...And some EF bling Found here..:biggthump

Truckhaven Newbie run..I'm the first truck with the Red Eddie Bauer fenders and a bunch of EF members following, including the Administrator Rick and Char, for without them, this site would not be possible...:salute:
...this was also my first scratch on my new, virgin, rock sliders...;)
Truckhaven Turkey day run up Sideshow Bob's Hill...
Big Bear in the snow...:D
Big Bear in May 08, Rock Garden...
Big Bear in May 08, on a rock...

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well i would love to come on out to the dunes next time you go. i live about 2 miles away from the dunes. and if you and anyone else is down for some trails to go on i know most of the trails around here and would have no problem showing yall around

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Great X! I now have a new desktop pic:

Great stuff!

how much is that?! it looks like 7-8" then 5"....lol

how much is that?! it looks like 7-8" then 5"....lol

...:scratch:...If the question is directed at how much lift, it's about 9"...

...I do need to update this thread as I've added some stuff in the last few months but, it's as high as I will lift it and still be wheelable...:D


whatd u use? superlift 5.5 and 3" body lift? what else?

also. sry. i joke woke up. my brain is working in dyslexic mode right now.

...It also had 1-1/2" of spacers under the front coils but, I just removed a 1/2" of spacer...It aligned before and it now has a lifetime alignment package on it...

...I just updated the first post to include Hyperlinks to some of the past projects "How To's"...;)

...2010 New Year bump...:D