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Texas Slabs run Aug. 15th

Originally posted by Kris Guilbeaux
looks like a typical trip to the Slabs.

Don't be hate'n

We know you couldn't come, it's all good.

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I was not haten' My comment was directed to your Navajo stuck under water... For some reason I remember a Black navajo with water coming in through the Passenger side door... I wonder who that was...

It's all good Kris I was just funn'n.

Hope your feeling better, plus I ran into a guy that you used to goto school with named B.J. you guys had class back in 7th-8th grade says you used to draw pictures in class.

If you can spell his last name I'll give you a cookie. ;)

BJ Trojacek,

Yeah, I remember him...

How do you know all these people from Victoria?

You get a cookie! :D

Him and Alan Marek both live here in Waco and are part of the street racing group here.
Like a big ol' family.